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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walls Are Up And The Window Is In The Wrong Spot

As you can see from the pictures below they removed the forms today. It's really starting to take shape now. They have all the drain pipes laid and will water proof the basement tomorrow and back fill on Monday. The wood is being delivered next week sometime.

We noticed our basement window was in the wrong place. When we had our pre-construction meeting we were told we would only have 1 basement window and it would be in the unfinished part of the basement.

Now it's not only in the wrong place but it's in direct line with the wall that the t.v. will be mounted on. I also liked that it was in the unfinished part after I thought about it because the room was an empty room about 12x15 we could finish and turn that window into an egress window. Not sure if I like this and not sure if we can get a window where it's supposed to be. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I call my PM.


                                             Looking at the front of the house and front porch

                                                      They were still removing the forms


  1. Not sure how they figure where the basement window goes, mine was on the other side of the garage.

  2. Did they change yours or is it still in the same location? Did you guys finish your basement?

  3. They can move that window for you easy-peasy. I saw the same problem happen to another blogger in the past couple of months and it was fixed the next day.

    If you get nonsense, pitch a fit. I used other blogs to get what I wanted in a few instances and it really helped me.

  4. we did not finish the basement and we did not ask to move it. To be honest, I didn't even know we were getting a window, or how many, or where it would go.
    Like Tammi said, it shouldn't be too hard. A friend just built a Courtland and they poured the footers AND foundation walls without his 4' family room bump out. He held firm and they fixed it. So if Ryan can move a damn footer and wall, they can cut a new window.

  5. Hope they can fix that for you. I wasn't too happy that our finished part of the basement has the electrical panel in it, but a nice large poster will take care of it.

  6. My PM promised to take care of the window situation for us. He was right on it.