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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Change Orders & NON Standards

From the pictures below you can see why our SR cringed when I came into the office or called LOL.

                   They even leave reading glasses incase your eyes get tired LOL

They poured the basement today 


  1. Our sales rep commented when we went in last week to sign more change orders that we are her thickest file! I didn't think we were that bad, but I want to make sure our house is exactly what we want. Nothing wrong with that :)

  2. Don't feel bad - we didn't have a window with a view in the back of our house for all the paper covering everything. We would have pages and pages of change orders. They would list as many as they could on one page and need several pages. Although my cousin and her husband built with them and did very few if any change orders and not a single non-standard request! To each their own!

  3. When do they predict you'll close Tammi? You must be getting close. We do our pre-drywall meeting next Wednesday.

  4. Glad you added a bunch of outlets and switches. There are a couple that I wished we had thought about that you might want to consider too:
    1 - 2nd light in master bedroom closet. Its dark back there!
    2 - "kill" switch in master bathroom. I find myself having to walk back into the bathroom every day to turn off the closet light, then toilet room light, then finally the room light. Its a pain in the butt. I want one that kills them all.
    3 - garage light switch inside house. to turn the garage light on, we have to reach out and over and fumble for it. Having the light switch on the inside of the house would be way more convenient.
    4 - switched outlets. We really ddin't know where any of our stuff was going to go, so didn't pay much attention to where the switched outlets would go. And so about half of them are on a wall that isn't working for us. :)

    Good luck - i look forward to your progress!

  5. We switched a ton of inside and outside lights. I will defiantly do the garage switch and I plan on adding sensor switches in all the bathrooms.

  6. Wow - that is great that they let you walk through with the electrician. We didn't get that option. We probably wouldn't have added any more lights, but we definitely would have moved all of the half-hots and some of the light switches. Oh well - too late now.

  7. We added a few outlets during our sales meetings, but did not walk through with the electrician. We went over one day to see the house and he was sitting on his cooler eating his lunch. He said he was pretty much done already.

    Some people have a soffit running across the closet which makes the back half dark, but in our area we do not, so we don't need an extra light in the closet.

  8. @Gina-They technically didn't let us :) we just happen to show up and no one else was there. I always say take advantage of a good situation and explain yourself later lol.

    Tammi our master closet is the same way. Also we don't have any soffits in the great room or kitchen like the model does in North Royalton.

    I also found out that they've changed the mantels on the stone fireplaces. They used to do an oak mantel and on Sunday when I was in the model the SR there said they switched it to a stone mantel. After checking with our PM he confirmed they ours will be stone and I'm excited about that!