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Friday, January 13, 2012

I Hate Snow

Due to the unusual snow storm (who knew it would snow in January) the framers weren't able to start framing today so it looks like Monday will be the day.


  1. I feel your pain. Our ground breaking and then foundation work was delayed due to rain. The best weather weeks before, but as soon as it was supposed to start.....rain. Hang in there

  2. We're also in the same boat. It has been crazy warm here in the mid-Atlantic, until, of course, they want to dig our foundation. Hopefully they will be able to start your framing soon and, from what I have heard, construction moves really quickly from that point forward.

  3. We have a delay in siding because of this storm. Before the storm it was Amish Christmas. Not a big deal to me because I know they will still get things done on time, but I feel your pain. Especially up until drywall, I was going crazy about every little thing.

  4. I was shocked they even showed up yesterday. Our PM sent them home because the wind was so bad. Had I stepped out the door yesterday knowing I was going to frame a house I would have called in sick lol.

    I'll be in Chicago all next week so I won't get to watch the progress and that sucks. However when I get home I'll have a roof and a door :) !