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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walls Are Poured

I wasn't able to make it to meet with Guardian and see the lot so I sent John. We need to come to a decision on speakers and rooms to put them in quick! They poured the walls today and covered the tops with what looks to be a black tarp.

I'm in Chicago for the rest of the week sot I won't get to go over there until Friday evening.


  1. Things look like they are moving right along. Nice to see a fellow Northeast Ohioan here. Here is to continued clear days for your build!!

  2. have you looked and thought "that looks small" yet? I didn't think I would, but my wife did. Funny how perspective works. Now I walk through my Ravenna and can't figure out what to do with the space!

  3. Thanks "ME"! What part of Ohio are you in?

    It's funny you say that Sgt Rich. We went in our neighbors house right after they framed it and thought it looked small. Then went back in after drywall and it looked much bigger. When we built our first house with Ryan (what they call the Milan now) it looked small then too.

  4. Over here in Summit County. Tallmadge to be specific.

  5. @Me - It is a small world. We drive through Tallmadge all the time to get to Chapel Hill.