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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hidden Trashcan

Finally installed the hardware to hide the trashcan into the cabinet. You do loose cabinet space however with this kitchen for us there's still plenty left. Bought the kit at Lowes and to attach the cabinet door like we did requires another kit sold separate. 

The granite company came out to fix the countertop and the rep also came to try and talk us into keeping our island countertop. When I told her we weren't budging based on her own technician's comments she then started to put down Ryan Homes and the construction of our cabinets and what we could and could not do with granite countertops. It really solidified my decision to have it replaced because I wasn't going to deal with her crazy ass down the road. I was really shocked how she behaved in a customers home in front of her client (RH). Needless to say that will be the last time I deal with them. Now we can start on our back splash!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Window Treatments

We got the window treatments done in the family room. At first I didn't like them as they came out of the box but once we got them up I really like them. I wanted to do some type of drapes in the living room however on elevation C they separate the windows in the living room and there is a dividing wall between the living room and foyer and it would be hard to hang drapes so I'm going to do more cornices instead and hang drapes in the dinning room.

Still waiting on 4 more chairs for our dinning room table and sideboard and trying to decide what kind of window treatments for the morning room. Also want to find a rug to go under the table in the morning room as well.

Update on the granite counter top. They came a week ago Monday to replace our counter top by the cooktop. They called before coming to say that the piece they were replacing was cracked and they had another piece but was unsure if it would match in color. Before I would let them take the counter off I wanted to see what they brought. Of course the one they said was cracked was a no off the bat and the second one was not only cracked but had gold flecks all over and didn't match at all. We refused the piece's and they're coming tomorrow to try again. Tomorrow is their last chance and then the game has to change and I will demand that a new company come in.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making Little Changes

This a such a low cost conversion for the kitchen and it keeps all your sponges out of the way. I also found that it works great in the master bath and provides a quick and easy hideaway for my toothbrush. We've also got the conversion kit to hide the trash can in one of the cabinets.

You can purchase these kits at Lowes for about $17.00. They have them at HomeDepot also but they're sold as individual plastic trays and Lowes comes 2 to a pack. 1 plastic try will fit in the faux drawer front in the master bath and if you got dual vanities you'll have one for each side and each packet comes with enough hardware to do two doors.