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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hanging Out At The Island

This has been a very busy week. It's so hard to work out of state every week and and try and make appointments with the contractors to get things fixed. That being said I scheduled the flooring guys (tile and wood), Guardian, furniture delivery, granite company and GE for the dishwasher all to come Friday.

The furniture company called to confirm on Thursday that our window was between 7am and 9am. Of course If I needed to go somewhere the time would've been between 10 and 2 with them showing up at 3. Nope they called at 6:30am and said they were 20 minutes away so no sleeping in for me. The got everything in set up and gone by 7:30.

Next to arrive was the granite company. Not to install the new piece but to have a meeting with us and try to convince us that they could fix the chip and make us happy. When our PM called me in Chicago and said that Ryan homes was committed to replacing the granite and that we didn't have to take the meeting I thought what the hell if they want to send their people in to the lions den then so be it. I agreed to "a meeting" but what showed up was a 3rd party repairman who took a look at the area and said he could buff out the seam and finish the job. Had we not complained that's how our counter top would've stayed with a rough uneven seam. He laughed when we told him that was what they left us with that they considered that to be finished. He however said he couldn't fix the chip and if that's what we were expecting he was sorry to waist our time. Of course we sent him on his way and our PM said it was being replaced.  I'm very frustrated with this company as I used them before when I remodeled the kitchen in our last home and they did a wonderful job. I can't install our backsplash until this is fixed.

Flooring company came in and fixed the damaged boards in the kitchen floor and tile in both the master and hall baths which took up most of the day. I must say these guys are very good at what they do!

GE came to inspect our dishwasher. We got the upgraded appliance package and our dishwasher is supposed to be quiet. However every time we used it during certain cycles it would vibrate really loud for a long period of time. The repairmen was here maybe 45 minutes and replaced the water pump and now I have a super quiet dishwasher.

Now on to Guardian. I received an e-mail from them about controlling our system from our computers and our cell phones. When I called them about that service instead of quoting me a price they set up an appointment for a sales rep to come out. Since I had nothing going on on Friday I thought what the hell. We also needed them to come install the center speakers both in the family room and basement since we hung our tv's and they agreed to do that at that time as well. They called to confirm a 1pm appointment on Thursday afternoon and called at 11:30 Friday to tell me the rep was going to be a little late. Then called back right before 1 and said that the rep wouldn't be coming and we would get a call from our original sales rep when we signed the papers with Ryan. He called had no idea what was going on said he would call back and we never heard from him. Sat here until 5 and sent him a few texts that went unanswered. Needless to say I don't need a sales rep anymore and he'll get an earful when I do talk to him on Monday. I want my speakers installed!

Here are the new lights above the island. I didn't like them at first but now that they've been up I love them.


  1. I love the pendant lights over the island. Looks great.

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    Check it out and add me to your blogroll if you would like :-)

  2. I also like the pendant lights. I can't believe all that you're still dealing with with Guardian and the granite. What a pain! Hope they get their acts together soon.

  3. Guardian was an easy fix. They're coming out tomorrow and will add the internet app capability for free.

    The granite is a whole other issue. They're making such a big deal over a small piece that I'm shocked they would risk loosing business with a builder. We had an issue with the island that they were giving me a lifetime warranty to cover. We decided not to accept it. If this is how they're are willing to do business with RH handling it just think how they would treat us.

    Other than that the house is coming along and we love it. Just can't wait to install our backsplash.

  4. Absolutely love the pendants, great choice! --Ericka

  5. Looks beautiful!! Did you guys do the pendant lights yourselves or with an electrician?

  6. Those lights were originally recessed can lights. We bought the converter kits to change them to pendants at HomeDepot (Lowes weren't big enough) and bought the pendants at Lowes. It took maybe 30 minutes to installs all 3.

  7. Looks terrific! Did you have your recessed put in a certain way over the island or is this the kitchen package that Ryan already offers. We would love to do the same it looks awesome!

  8. Our PM spray painted the outline of our island on the floor and the electrician "Rex" lined up the extra lights we purchased the way we wanted them. He did a great job.

  9. I am going to email your page to my PM to ask for this configuration. I was debating between 2 or 3. You just sold me on 3! It looks great. I am wondering if I should add more recessed lights between the kitchen &I family room.

  10. Are your pendants on a separate switch or on the same one as all the recessed lights?

  11. I made sure they have their own switch from all the other kitchen lights.

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