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Saturday, March 24, 2012

1st Week Down

We've been in the house for an entire week and still so much unpacking to do. I've been sick so I really didn't get very far this week.

We did go shopping at Levin's for a dining room set and one for the morning room. I've went back and forth over the last month on once particular set and finally decided to go in and buy it. Luck was on my side because they marked it down by another $500. They're delivering all the furniture on Friday so I'll have more pics then.

Thought I would throw in a few pics of what we've done so far in the family room and in the hallway. We also added a new tv and console.


  1. Looking great!

    I'm still waiting on my furniture for the family room and I still need to bring over the furniture for the front room. AND... I need to go get the church pew, which is going in the foyer. Makes me seem like a bum, but I have been busy, I swear!

  2. There never seems like there will be enough time to get it done.

  3. I look forward to the years of figuring it all out. No need to rush or feel like a bum! haha

  4. The family room and front hall look great! I really like what you've done so far. I look forward to seeing more pics as you settle in :)

  5. I need to have someone come buy curtains with me lol

  6. Wow, very nice! Its really starting to come together. Definitely take your time and make sure you love whatever you do, no rush at all --Ericka

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