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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Have Dates

We met with our PM today and walked thru the house pre-drywall. Surprisingly there was little that needed changed or added. Considering at least 1 of us shows up everyday we catch most mistakes quickly and our PM is on top of it. Our walkthrough is set for March 16th and closing the following Monday.

Here are a few things that needed to be changed.

1.) The exhaust for the furnace ran straight thru the finished part of the basement and vented out the back of the house right where our future deck will go. Our PM took care of it and it will be re-directed.

2.) The access panel for the master bath will be in the master closet so our tub will be completely tiled.

3.) We added another data line in the great room because we have a Smart Tv and and want to be able to access the internet without the cable box.

As you can see these were minor issues and they've truly done a great job. We also got to meet our new future neighbors who had their final walkthrough today.  They seemed like great people which makes me very happy.  PM also said our electric box is rather full. Somewhere hidden in there is a whole home surge protector as well.

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  1. Did you have to pay a fee in order to get the extra data outlet installed. Doesnt your wiring company have to come back out?

  2. There's a fee for everything. The data lines are thru another company can't remember the cost for extra data lines because it was done (priced) so long ago. When the electrician comes back out its after drywall so you want to make sure everything is right before they start covering the wires up.